This is a story all about how…

At the start of Mist of Pandaria, I made a guild with a couple of friends called Perplexity, however these friends weren’t that interested in making a succes, me on the other hand wanted this guild to be my final stop!



We were pretty much succesfull, argueably the most succesfullest (?? if that’s even a word!) on the server. I built this guild on my own mostly 2 odd years ago.. I made it into the guild I wanted it to be. It was truely the biggest raiding guild on the server and possibly the battle group aswell. We merged with guilds, helped them build their teams up again. At our top we had 9 raid teams all well progressing in Throne of Thunder. We even manged to be in the top 3 in progress. We almost had guild member cap and Teamspeak was always active with most channels covered by people. Forums were very active, it was no longer a guild, it was a community. People from all the realms wanted to be in our guild, join the community. I had so much fun during this time, and all to think that I started this more or less on my own.


But it takes one ”corrupted” leader to bring it all down. The ol’ 25 man vs 10 man raid arguments happen, things went downhill from there. The nine 10 man teams started to feel little and wanted to dethrone the current ”corrupted” guildmaster since he joined in the name calling ect. I wasn’t even the GM of the guild, but an officer, I was the one who did it all though, so everyone saw me as the true Guildmaster.


I always had stuff to do that was guild related, I recruited for the other teams, solved disputes and kept the peace. Also manged the ”pr”. But then, I had troubles in real life, and it was too much for me to handle so I had to give stuff out of my hands.. This is where I lost control over the guild and one day I logged in and the exodus of Perplexity happend. The 10 man teams all left to do whatever, I returned back fully since real life was somewhat fixed, we continued as a sole 25 man guild, We had problems with recruiting, as most guild have during times like these in the expansion, but I managed to always find people and we could always continue raiding. But the Guildmaster stole the guildbank money, bought a boost in SoO HC and migrated to another server. Suprisingly I didn’t got the guild master rank, but someone else, the guild is now a 10 man team and I had to step down as an officer in Perplexity because of disagreements with me and the other leaders of the guild. It still hurts, knowing how much work I put in to it. The time we had 9 teams, was truely one of my best times in WoW, regardless of the drama we had. Due to the toxic behaviour of our previous Guildmaster, the name Perplexity and the officers received a bad name, sometimes I get the feeling we were frowned upon. Used to be different, Perplexity was well respected, noone expected the leaps we would do.



However, I wasn’t planning on giving up on the guild. To this day I help behind the scene and we managed to clear the content and more or less clear our name. Who knows, maybe I’ll return as an officer for WoD.

The morale of this story? Communicate, don’t let annoyances get the better of you. Be honest with your officer collegues.



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